Prospecting for Those Valuable Ideas

August 13, 2020


August 9, 2020

Medical Care for Sick & Disabled Buildings

August 3, 2020

Trust Shared Responsibilities

July 6, 2020

Trust in Networks of People

June 29, 2020

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August 13, 2020

It goes without saying that in these testing times where idea generation and problem-solving skills are critical, it is important to stay current, versatile and curious.  It is imperative to develop connections and to explore collaborations but what does that actually...

August 9, 2020

As uncomfortable as it may be, the message scrolled on that wall in Beirut might as well read, ‘WE DID THIS’, we all should take some shared responsibility along with our Lebanese brothers and sisters.

This image sent to Uniform November yesterday epitomises my growing...

August 3, 2020

There are 3 reasons to care for ageing, sick or disabled buildings. Firstly, they are packed with embodied energy, secondly, they are imbued with memory and meaning that helps to inform our sense of place and belonging, and thirdly, it is economically, socially and env...

Three months ago thousands responded to a post I wrote: “I Don’t Want to Go Back to How it Was Before Covid19”.  There were hundreds of thoughts posted about what should be changed or better. For many, a primary concern of a pre-COVID life boiled down to a growing lack...

June 29, 2020

We can build better resilience to the devastation brought about by the likes of  COVID 19, conflict or natural disasters. By developing a modern, more diverse and layered civic fabric of collaboration based on public trust, society can venture forward better connected...

June 12, 2020

‘Having a skeleton in the cupboard,’, implies having an embarrassing or unpleasant secret about something that happened in the past. It is an excellent metaphor to highlight a real concern. In this case, the skeletons represent the contentious statues we have in our ci...

In testing times like these, it is a liberating necessity to undo the constraints of tired terms such as ‘community’. Perhaps by forgetting or reshaping the idea of a community, we can start revealing many more modern-day realities and the scope of an individual’s iden...

Place is a critical element within society and business which requires the utmost consideration.

Frazer works to: Resolve or formulate a response to the problems of people and place involved in complex and difficult matters. He will develop an approach to place that wil...

“Sometimes people need a mediator with the relevant experience to get the most out of a project and those involved” FMH

I offer a valuable mediation resource to those engaged in projects involving the built-environment  (client, steering groups, management tea...

April 27, 2020

Very Please to welcome Patrycja Perkiewicz (Patii) to the UNIFORM NOVEMBER team.

Patii has researched for year the relation between urbanism, natural resources, and their effect on the landscape. Research that helps us to understand how to proceed with future design and...

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F.M.H..... MLitt Peace & Conflict, Msc Architectural Conservation BA (Hons) Int. Architecture; MCSD, PgC TLHE

F.M.H is a Post-conflict, consultant - Specializing in Social Cohesion, DDR, Memorialization, Architectural Conservation, Housing Land and Property (HLP) issues.

Currently: Flood / Vulnerable Communities Project, Mexico City.

Past work: Africa, South East Asia, Israel & EU

Past IOM Work: Iraq Transition and Recovery

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Office: UK, Scotland
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