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To Protect Cultural Heritage After Conflict You Have to Understand The Thought Behind Peacebuilding

I have been asked so many times to explain my understanding of the theory behind peacebuilding, I found it timely and hopefully useful to write this document. I enjoyed reconnecting with the origins of the primary peace process and refreshing my knowledge of its rich history of theory, politics and post-war adaptation. I can see how its past led to the crafting of liberal peace and where the fragilities appear.

(I learnt from this process..........I hope you do too :)

Time and energy permitting, I aim to write a a few documents to share. So far I have recently shared an intro to funding applications (PPT) and I have had generous feedback. This next document is linked to that post in how one is required to indicate the ways in which cultural heritage protection promotes peacebuilding. This document will lay the peacebuilding foundation that supports your projects. Hopefully I will write a paper on adaptive reuse as a way to protect cultural heritage and create new values whilst supporting and at times galvanising peacebuilding approaches under one roof as it were :)

I share with you this document

Taking Ownership of Theory Behind International Peacebuilding
Download PDF • 472KB


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