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Talking about Place and Peace

It was a great pleasure speaking with a group of VIP (Vertically Integrated Project) students at the University of St Andrews where Dr Alice Konig runs the Visualising Peace VIP at St Andrews (

Dr Konig explained, "Our overarching aims are (a) to research the ways in which peace and peace-building are understood and approached in different contexts/communities, and (b) to generate more conversation about peace/peace-building that helps to stretch and challenge how they are conceived/pursued. You can get a flavour of our work in the virtual Museum of Peace which we have developed:".

I strongly suggest taking some time to explore the above links, they are crammed with interesting and valuable insight and information.

I spoke about my work in Indonesia, Iraq and Ireland, explaining my approach to peacebuilding and Place whilst advocating the virtues of everyday places. I enjoyed promoting the idea of place as an underestimated yet fundamental aspect of life and showing that place is an impactful peacebuilding tool if delivered properly.

I thought I would share my slides for anyone interested.

Peace and Place
Download PDF • 6.63MB

This was a great start to a month punctuated by educational discourse - I travel to Oslo on the 18th to deliver a lecture and workshop on the adaptive reuse of culturally significant place. In this case the place in question is an old disused train workshop in the very center of Oslo. A fabulous site full of adaptive re-use potential.


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