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Places Supporting People in Ukraine,

Where are the Hubs, Invincibility Stations & collective sites?

With more than 400 aid agencies and actors active in Ukraine it can get a little disorientating. However, you can download the current (29nov2022) UN Office for coordination map (here) and find the Ukraine Concept of operations December 2022 (here)

In our ongoing research of ‘place’ and its potential in periods before, after and during a conflict, we thought we would share some of our findings in the hope they might be of help.

Today Ukrainian's places for adaptation and resilience are digital and physical:

There are field hubs (OCHA) like the Kyiv field hub supporting relief and recovery NGOs such as ZOA

There are Coordination Hubs (DNIPRO, KYIV and Lviv) full of data and events

There are collective sites, these are monitored and the findings are (here) Out of 1,346 assessed sites, 1,111 (83%) were actively hosting IDPs, while 235 (17%) were empty but ready to host them. Sixty percent of the assessed collective sites were established in educational premises (i.e., schools, kindergartens and dormitories). More than half (67%) of the CSs reported being able to perform the original function of the building while hosting IDPs. The site managers also reported that the residing IDPs were charged for staying (8%) and/or utilities (7%).

There are Invincibility Centres ( also known as, points of Invincibility) that offer refuge and resilience “government-built help station that serves food, drinks, warmth and ultimately, resilience, in the face of Russia’s military onslaught” there are now hundreds of these temporary and often fragile stations set up in Ukraine. Places where residents facing outages of power, heating and water can warm up, charge their phones, enjoy snacks and hot drinks, and even be entertained. There is an online map of these places (here) – recently the reported 4,000 points of invincibility have been categorised into 3 depending on the services provided (new map):

  1. Points of Invincibility - places organized by the regional authorities and the State Emergency Service, which have a generator (recharging gadgets), heat, internet, tea/coffee, and a first-aid kit.

  2. Points of Invincibility of responsible business - here you can recharge your gadgets for free.

  3. Shops, pharmacies, gas stations and bank outlets

What does a point or station typically look like? Well, they can be a room in a building (kiosk, cafe, shop, office building, etc.), a tent on the street, etc., equipped with generators for heating and supplying electricity.

We hope these are useful and lead to greater support and coordination for Ukraine


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