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Mosul's Old Town Park Update

Due to be completed in a fortnight and on schedule, the Mosul, Old City Park in Iraq is taking shape. Vegetation is being planed and grass seeds are sown. Lighting in place and boundary walls are completed. The team are working hard to complete the park eager for it to open and serve the local community.

Local parks like this one in Mosul offer ideal places from which to support and promote post-conflict peacebuilding and social cohesion opportunities. There is something wholesome, hopeful, engaging and inspiring about the presence of a park, especially when it re-emerges from the wreckage and trauma of war. This project has serious peacebuilding potential and will resonate positively within and beyond the surrounding neighbourhoods of West Mosul.

This project explores an encouraging peacebuilding mindset that acknowledges that the sector's management, economics, politics, policy, philosophy, programmes, and projects require a tangible and authentic human interface.

The built environment provides that interface.

The built environment and the places it creates are the backgrounds and the envelope within which humanitarian activity is played out and measured.

“No man (person), therefore, can conceive of anything, but he (they) must conceive it in some place” Hobbs1651

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