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A Precarious Threshold to the Future

Stumbling around at this precarious threshold to the future, many lament their imagined past whilst fearing a complex future, but if we stay with the sense of loss, are we not left feeling only passive and powerless? Or have we returned to a deeper sense of human vulnerability, to our collective responsibilities for the physical lives of one and other?

All of us have a certain tolerance for complexity, but we all reach our point of saturation. When saturated, some of us cope by leaving, by getting out. Others stay but try to find quick solutions that make the complexity go away. Many others try to reduce the impact by ignoring the situation's multiple meanings and hoping for the best. some of us settle on a single explanation about what's going on, then hold onto it doggedly and rigidly. Before long, complexity becomes the enemy...

Therefore, it stands to reason that we have to make this complexity a friend rather than a foe. In doing so, it is important to acknowledge the loss of what we once knew as normal

On one level, I think I have lost "you" (a Pre-COVID life) only to discover that I have gone missing as well.

At another level, perhaps what we have lost in you, that for which we have no ready vocabulary, is a relationality that is composed neither exclusively of ourself nor you but is to be conceived as The TIE by which those terms are differentiated and related.

Moving to the unknown is disconcerting and requires a great deal of trust in ourselves in one and other.

However, Complexity often brings a multiplicity of option to the surface. if we pay careful attention to those options, we can often create new ways to look at old patterns.

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