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Quantum Measurement, Trauma and Security

Image by: Patii Perkiewicz

I am proud to have be involved and acknowledged in the processes that led to the article: To ‘see’ is to break an entanglement: Quantum measurement, trauma and security is an article written by Professor Karin Fierke and Nicola Mackay. Karin and Nicola have worked for years on this approach to trauma and security in which they explore 'the quantum notion that to ‘see’ an entanglement is to break it in the context of an ‘experiment’ regarding the ongoing impact of traumatic political memory on the present'. Its a fascinating read and hopefully a precursor to more exploration in this field of quantum measurement.

"Starting with a claim that trauma represents an entanglement with the past, this article seeks to explore the quantum notion that to ‘see’ an entanglement is to break it, as well as the implications of this claim for the politics of security..."(Fierke and Mackay, 2020)

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