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Beyond Concrete: Everyday Architecture of Gaza

We at Uniform November are proud to announce Dr Salem Al Qudwa's exhibition examining the question: Can the people of Gaza rebuild their devastated homes? at the Think Human Festival .

The exhibition runs from the 5th February 2020 and more about the event can be found [here]

Salem explains that, "I am exploring the concept and meaning of ‘the everyday’ in the Gaza Strip by setting out its systematic relevance to an architectural understanding of the daily rhythms of life, and of the objects of use that populate it. In keeping with Lefebvre's (1991) 'the rhythms of lived spaces' that specify the life of a community or of a society are notoriously complex and actively produce the life of that community or society. My work tries to give an idea about Gaza as a unique place surrounded by the on-going conflict."

Wishing you much success .....FMH

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