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A Sense of Place Amongst The Remains and Reminders of Violence

Image: Mosul Church used for imprisonment and torture 2014-2017 by FMH

Frazer is presenting his work in Iraq at the Symposium: An Unsettled status? Migration in a turbulent age

2nd July 2019

"The last decade can be characterised as representing a turbulent age. Austerity, populist politics, and an increasing climate of hostility and xenophobia have been observed across Europe, North America, and elsewhere. These politics have unsettled previously hegemonic norms and expectations in the political arena, as well as having implications for international migrants, whose lives may have become increasingly challenging and their futures more uncertain. For example, hostile rhetoric and policies have targeted migrants, their families, international students, asylum seekers, and refugees, placing additional responsibilities and conditions on them, and limiting their rights. Furthermore, the repatriation of long-standing residents and the removal of citizenship demonstrates the extent that “taken-for-granted statuses” can be subject to change. These practices question the extent to which ‘denizenship’ – the rights afforded to non-citizen residents – continues to be a meaningful concept, as well as highlighting the implications for promoting a cohesive, inclusive and diverse society"

The organizers had invited contributions along a number of themes and areas, including:

  • Migration and precarity

  • Negotiating uncertainty and hostility

  • Belonging, anchoring, and identity

  • Civil society and community responses

  • Integration into host communities

  • Hate crimes, cohesion, and convivial encounters

  • Refugees and asylum seekers

  • Citizenship and denizenship

  • Institutions, surveillance and diversity

  • Intersectional turbulence

  • Hope

  • Methodological and ethical reflections on studying turbulence

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