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Routes to Accountability

News: 2019 Annual The Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD) Conference on the 24 - 25 May 2018 in Varberg, Sweden

The Program on Governance and Local Development at the University of Gothenburg will hold its third annual conference on May 24-25, 2019 with the theme, "Routes to Accountability." The goal of the conference will be to consider if, how, and when citizens can effectively hold service providers and authorities accountable. We consider not only the ways in which citizens hold state actors accountable, but also how people demand answers and enforce sanctions when non-state authorities violate their duties. We seek perspectives from both scholars and practitioners to understand how processes and practices of accountability differ across state and non-state arenas, the extent to which these arenas intersect, and how answers to these questions may differ across sectors such as education, health, security, and welfare provision. We encourage research that addresses these questions across the chain of accountability: from the provision of information on rights, responsibilities, and outcomes to enforcement and sanctioning of unresponsive providers and authorities. In charting these various routes to accountability, we will also contribute to GLD’s broader aim of explaining variation in governance and local development in an effort to promote human welfare globally.

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