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FILM : Isis, Tomorrow traces the months of war through the voices of the children of militiamen trained to become suicide bombers, but also of their victims and those who fought them. Today, fighters’ descendants are children who bear the burden of having been educated to kill their neighbours and to make the ideology survive so that it can be reborn from the ashes of the fathers. Isis, Tomorrow follows the destiny of the surviving families of the fighters in the complexity of the post-war period, a post-war time of marginalisation and stigma, in which battle blood leaves room for daily revenge and retaliation, for violence as the only response to violence.....

"Isis has lost Mosul. But has it been really defeated? Or does real war – for those who have endured it and those who survive – begin right the day after a proclaimed victory? This film stems from the questions which became more and more insistent every day of the months of fighting in Mosul and which accompanied us in the strenuous phases of the post-war period: what is necessary to do to save the hundreds of thousands of children raised for three years under Isis? How can we prevent these children from being the breeding ground for tomorrow’s terrorism?

Director: Francesca Mannocchi, Alessio Romenzi

Production: FremantleMedia Italia (Gabriele Immirzi), Rai Cinema, CALA Filmproduktion (Martina Haubrich), Wildside (Lorenzo Gangarossa)

Running Time: 80’

Language: Iraqi Arabic

Country: Italy, Germany

Screenplay: Francesca Mannocchi, Alessio Romenzi

Cinematographer: Alessio Romenzi, Francesca Mannocchi

Editor: Emanuele Svezia, Sara Zavarise

Music: Andrea Ciccarelli

Sound: Stefano Bari (D-Color)

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