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Construction as a Vehicle for Meaningful Statements of Indifference.

MASS GRAVE SITE OF VICTIMS OF 1988 PRISON KILLINGS is at risk according to Amnesty International's newly launched campaign.....

Cornelius Holtorf argues that “cultural memory is not about giving testimony of past events, as accurately and truthfully as possible, nor is it necessarily about ensuring cultural continuity: it is about making meaningful statements about the past in a given cultural context of the present”. (Holtorf, 2001)

The development of a future meaningful statement about the past thus acknowledging the 1988 mass extrajudicial executions, is at risk, due to the present-day meaningful statement of indifference, as the site is "gradually being buried beneath piles of construction waste."

Therefore, Amnesty International has launched a campaign this month to "stop the imminent destruction" of a mass grave in the southern city of Ahvaz, the capital of the oil-rich Khuzestan Province. The London-based rights watchdog invites the public to join the campaign , saying that construction began earlier this year near the site where dozens of prisoners killed during a wave of mass extrajudicial executions in August and September 1988 are buried……(Article)

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