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Image: By Terreform

Terreform is a non-profit, urban research and advocacy group. Its mission is to, "investigate the forms, policies, technologies, and practices that will yield equitable, sustainable, and beautiful cities for our urbanizing planet"

The group have a number of interesting and ongoing projects of note:

OPEN GAZA, UNSETTLEMENT & SECOND GROWTH (to name a few ), however, it is Terreform's ,"Sustaining Peace in an Urban World" project which catches the eye most.

Its opening statement sets the scene:

"The urbanization of contemporary violence and conflict is challenging the ability of the United Nations, national governments, and the international system to respond. Sustaining Peace in an Urban World is an initiative to provoke new thinking and approaches that are needed in global policy frameworks to address urban conflict beyond short-term emergency responses, to bring long-term and durable solutions in cities" (Terreform 2016)

Terreform has helped create an interesting network from which to explore new ideas, approaches and methods on the subject , they have, "brought together UN officials, policy makers, architects, geographers and NGOs to look at peace and conflict from a spatial lens", and that they were in collaboration with member states, UN agencies and the Center on International Cooperation at NYU and the Foundation for Achieving Seamless Territory (FAST) whilst hosting two high-level forums at the United Nations".

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