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Norfolk's Afghanistan: Chronotopia

Image By Simon Norfolk

Norfolk's book Chronotopia is a jarring and powerful work exploring post-conflict layering of the everyday. It explores thresholds between violence and non-violence and expresses an uncomfortable beauty woven within the entanglement of local banality with international insanity. A collection of work that seems to use stark juxtapositions of a 'war-ravaged landscape' and the socially familiar, to stimulate a richer narrative of time, brutality and tender resilience....


In an Interview with Jim Casper from Lens Culture Simon Norfork.........Forensic Traces of War

"is examining genocide; imperialism; the interconnectedness of war, land and military space; and how wars are being fought at the same time with supercomputers, satellites, outdated weapons and equipment, people on the ground, intercepted communications, and manipulated and manipulating media".

Acclaimed photographer Simon Norfolk is exploring the idea of “battlefields” and how that term has expanded in meaning in recent wars. Here we feature images from several bodies of work, plus an engaging audio interview with Norfolk

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