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Shaping Safety: How Architects Can Build a Stronger Peace

“The built environment is not a magic solution that can feed hungry children and prevent violence – but it can act as a salve for neighborhoods too hurt to find a way to thrive and grow; offer hope to people too long denied a home or hospitals or schools; and allow those without a voice to create a space to band together. At the very least, the international community needs to reexamine architecture’s role in humanitarian pursuits”. …………

Kate Cyr writes an engaging article (Shaping Safety: How Architects Can Build a Stronger Peace) exploring the current approach to applying architecture to support humanitarian efforts. Cyr highlights the built environment’s potential role in reshaping precarious lives and the need to rethink the ways in which international organisations use architecture to help build resilient and robust communities as they attempt to heal from the entangled emotions of conflict and displacement.

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