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Embracing Ruination

At Last a realistic chance for new life, the Cardross site is now championed by NVA, A very interesting and dynamic practice developed to engage participants physically and creatively in redefining urban and rural landscapes. NVA which is an acronym of ‘nacionale vitae activa’, a Roman phrase describing ‘the right to influence public affairs’ has a real opportunity to make a difference and the initial signs are extremely encouraging……

Despite the successful nature of the last project, it could be argued, the only consistent response to the question of what to do with modern architecture in decay like Cardross, (following a modernist’s rhetoric), is to salute its destruction and consign it to terminal neglect. Thankfully however, there is a compromise to be had it seems. A combination of an authentic comment on the building’s natural ruination and the contemporary interventions by NVA. A compromise, confident in the idea that the significant elements of the project, are not underpin by its architectural merit per se but in its use of material such as concrete, its location, the structure’s threshold and internal spaces and the beguiling interaction between, natural light and architectural material - which are unique.

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