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The Places Within

A fabulous sculpture called Deconstruction by Tania Font as part of the Vila Casas collection.

Tania's creations exploring Deconstruction are captivating and beautifully capture the ideals behind UNIFORM NOVEMBER.

The places we experience are carried within.......

Most violent conflicts today are recurrences of previous wars. Thus, besides ending ongoing violence, preventing wars from breaking out again is one of the major challenges the world faces today.

Currently peacebuilding appears to comprises three dimensions - stabilizing the post-conflict zone, restoring state institutions, and dealing with social and economic issues.

Activities within the first dimension reinforce state stability post-conflict and discourage former combatants from returning to war (disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, or DDR). Second dimension activities build state capacity to provide basic public goods and increase state legitimacy. Programs in the third dimension build a post-conflict society's ability to manage conflicts peacefully and promote socioeconomic development. Otherwise understood as the liberal peace process.

UNIFORM NOVEMBER recognises that ‘place’ plays a larger part in the considerations of those planning and developing these processes. Our work is an exploration and expression of place that will help develop a more successful and authentic peacebuilding processes.


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