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Corinna Britta Sahl Joins The Editorial Board

The team at UNIFORM NOVEMBER are proud to announce that Corinna Britta Sahl is joining the Editorial Board. Based in Berlin, Corinna's broad experience and expertise are the result of her passion for relationships, conflict and space in the personal, national and international sphere. A passion for space and place has inspired her work in conflict research at the intersection of space making in post-conflict areas and the focus on the arts as a maker and creator of space.

In the area of political theory, her work focusses on the comparison of Non-western and Western political theories of space and human relations.

Corinna is an expert in the German education context, her work focuses on relational intelligence and the implementation of social and emotional learning programs in the German education system.

Her general maxim is: Relationships make us and they make the space we are in. Be it a relationship between two people, relationships between different authorities in a post-conflict region or between teacher and student in the classroom.

Corinna holds an interdisciplinary Bachelors degree from Sciences Po Paris, a Master of Letters in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of St. Andrews and a Masters Degree in Comparative Political Thought from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) London.

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Tel: +49 162 3946003


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