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Remembrance within Stark Envelopes

Image: The Old Battery Factory by Paolo Pellegrin

A multi-layered modest museum with true impact and educational value, the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial complex and its companion, the Srebrenica Web Genocide Museum combine to create an authentic and sincere approach to acknowledging the horrific suffering of the Srebrenica genocide and its hamartian travesty. Much like the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide Crimes in Cambodia where the S-21 Building (a building engineered to become part of a ruthless network of machines for killing by the Khmer Rouge), it was left as found. The Srebrenica complex structure is, stark, untouched, patient and respectfully silent, giving a chilling and jarring contrast to the dark narrative held within. (more)

"Opened by the former United States President, Bill Clinton, on 20 September 2003. The Srebrenica Genocide Memorial, officially known as the Srebrenica–Potočari Memorial and Cemetery for the Victims of the 1995 Genocide, is the memorial-cemetery complex in Srebrenica set up to honour the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide".

"On the 8th July, 2015 the Srebrenica Web Genocide Museum was launched as a result of Remembering Srebrenica’s partnership with Al-Jazeera Balkans to bring the internet world a major online learning resource. The project ''Srebrenica – Web Genocide Museum'' is aimed at everyone, particularly those who have not, nor will they ever be able to visit Srebrenica, to see the Srebrenica – Potočari Memorial Center, which includes the cemetery where the remains of genocide victims are buried. The location of the final resting place of those killed in 1995 was chosen by the mothers of Srebrenica, who have been left without sons, husbands, fathers. The burials will last for years, as the search continues for 1,200 missing, whose bodies remain out of reach in hidden mass and individual graves. The number of 8,372 killed is not final”.(read)

Interesting article NY Times (read)

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